5 Keys to a happy life

Keeping a positive mind towards every situation in life can sometimes prove to be difficult. Specially when you’re facing a situation that feels like the end of the world and you can’t see a way out of it. But although it’s difficult to be positive all the time it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A positive mind starts with a positive attitude.

Here are some tips that I personally found helpful when trying to keep a positive mind towards life:

1. Be social – spending time with friends and family has proven to me to be something that really improves my mood and makes me happier. If you’re feeling down I advise you to go in the living room and have a chat with your mum/dad/siblings or call your best friend and randomly go out. It’ll make you feel loads better!

2. Make a gratitude list – think about all the things you are grateful for and write them down. You can write anything, from being grateful for your family to simply be grateful for your bed sheets, literally anything goes.

3. Listen to music – this one is very cliche but it’s literally one of the best things anyone can do. On the hardest days I simply enjoy laying in bed with music on and just focus all my attention on the lyrics. It immediately improves my mood and makes me happier.

4. Write down your feelings – I found that keeping a journal where I sometimes write down everything I’m feeling at that moment really helps. You don’t have to be afraid of doing it, it’s your journal and no one will read it but yourself.

5. Exercise – ok yes I know this isn’t for everyone. To me exercising is literally like therapy, it immediately makes me happy. If you’re not an exercise type of person then I recommend you just go for a walk outside, to the park or near the beach, just go out and be active somehow. I promise it will help.

Of course these are only the 5 things I found most helpful FOR ME, that doesn’t mean they will be right for you but it you can try and maybe they’ll work as well. I hope this has been helpful.

Please remember that this life is all we’ve got and there’s no point in being miserable all the time, your unhappiness does not only affect you but everyone around you as well, and the happier you are the easier life gets.

Stay strong babes, we got this!

Helena xx

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